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Building On YottaDB to Better Serve Clients

Thanks to the heritage of the YottaDB code base, YottaDB starts with an existing ecosystem. Here you will find providers of value-added services, as well as applications that run on or complement YottaDB.

Coherent Logic Development

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Founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2010, Coherent Logic Development is a software development and consulting firm dedicated to bringing modern best practices and user experiences to time-tested technology stacks. We believe that most “legacy” technology can be updated with modern user interfaces and administration practices, resulting in fewer disruptions to our customers’ business operations than the typical rip-and-replace mantra of many consulting firms.

We provide software development, application hosting, and virtualized, cloud-based re-hosting environments for legacy applications including OpenVMS, HP-UX, COBOL, MUMPS, MS-DOS, OS/2, and others.

Products we provide for YottaDB and GT.M:

  • LorikeeM turns GNU Emacs 23 or later into a modern IDE for YottaDB and GT.M development
  • CFMumps provides the ability to connect Cold Fusion, Railo, and Lucee applications to a YottaDB or GT.M database
  • JSMumps is a lightweight Node.js package bringing an un-opinionated, asynchronous Node.js interface to YottaDB or GT.M

Fourth Watch

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Fourth Watch Business Continuity Services is a Las Cruces, New Mexico-based IT consulting firm. We specialize in Linux and database administration for the medical industry. Our services include:

  • 24×7×365 systems support and monitoring
  • Linux systems configuration and administration
  • YottaDB and GT.M database administration and development
  • Systems and storage design and integration for the VistA electronic health record system
  • Cloud hosting of YottaDB/GT.M and VistA services

George James Software

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George James Software was established in 1989 to provide best practice consultancy and training services, focusing on business and systems analysis. We have delivered software services from small businesses to blue chip companies, always with consistent standards and polices. Our international customer base spans several industries, including the Computing, Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Marina markets. The many long-term business relationships that we have demonstrates our customers’ trust in us. We are known for our innovative solutions and sound business sense.

Our suite of products that complement YottaDB/GT.M includes:

  • Serenji – the tool of choice for debugging
  • VC/m – complete version control, configuration management and process control system
  • RE/m – to re-engineer application code
  • RE/data – to build data dictionaries for databases

IDEA, spol. s r.o.

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IDEA is a technology company with more than 20 years of experience in many different MUMPS systems, including YottaDB/GT.M. We have worked on multiple projects where the PROFILE core-banking system has been involved or where we implemented a variant of our own software built on the top of our IDEA-System and IDEA-WebSystem frameworks. Our additional value for YottaDB/GT.M and PROFILE users:

  • GT.M, PROFILE & PIP/DATA-QWIK consulting
  • Custom PROFILE packages for middleware, security, reporting, and web
  • IDEA EGTM aka “YottaDB/GT.M for Erlang/OTP”
  • IDEA Object Database (IODB) for Erlang/OTP
  • Experimental GT.M ports to FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD and Solaris/x64
  • YottaDB/GT.M is a default option for SaaS version of the traditional IDEA ERP/CRM

We also provide migration and virtualization services for VAX and Alpha systems running OpenVMS or Tru64.

Mozaic Group Partners

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Mozaic Group Partners is the leading, independent, global provider of Profile banking application services. We partner with Profile institutions to develop, implement, fix, enhance and protect the investment each institution has made in its banking system.

With more than 250 client engagements in 18 countries and counting, we have helped more institutions solve their Profile issues than any other services provider on the planet.


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Formed in 1996, M/Gateway Developments have a long history of creating technical interface and application frameworks for M-based technologies such as YottaDB. Focusing primarily on the web, M/Gateway created the first HTTP gateway for M, and through that gateway, a development environment. As these solutions were well received, M/Gateway subsequently created new free / open source software (FOSS) solutions taking advantage of newer web technologies: mg_web provides the base layer linking the three most popular web servers (Apache, Nginx, and IIS) to YottaDB and, layered above this, mg_web_server to create HTTP/REST-based services in YottaDB. An even higher Web Application development framework – Enterprise Web Developer (EWD) – was used to develop what is, to the best of our knowledge, the world’s largest Internet-based clinical application. A number of other large web-based M applications around the world rely on this and other M/Gateway technologies.

In 2011, M/Gateway were also responsible for the first Node.js solution for M. In 2019, M/Gateway created a multi-language free open/source access to M platforms including YottaDB: mg-dbx. mg_dbx delivers high throughput access from Node.js to YottaDB. Layered on top of mg-dbx is an advanced framework for creating high-performance Node.js applications using YottaDB as the database: QEWD.js. A special feature of QEWD.js is the projection of YottaDB as a persistent JSON store for seamless persistence of JavaScript Objects.

M/Gateway also provides a range of tried and tested, high-performance, high-reliability language bindings that allow developers working in other environments to take advantage of the YottaDB database. Currently these provide YottaDB language bindings for PHP (mg_php), Python (mg_python), Go (mg_go) and Ruby (mg_ruby). Full support for YottaDB’s Transaction Processing is included in all our language bindings. Finally, M/Gateway have created a generic SQL/ODBC engine for M databases – mgsql. This FOSS engine’s ODBC driver opens YottaDB data to the huge range of Windows based data-analysis tools.


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QewdJS is an open source integration framework that allows you to quickly and easily build production grade Node.js applications that scale to the level of a large-scale enterprise. QewdJS uses YottaDB as an embedded database as a fine-grained, highly flexible, document database for persistent JavaScript objects, as well as a multi-model database that supports all common NoSQL use cases.

Vista Expertise Network

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The Vista Expertise Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving people’s health by changing the way medical software is developed, distributed, and supported. Comprised of IT professionals with deep knowledge of Vista, the Network partners with a variety of public and private organizations to improve, extend, and update Vista health IT software.


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WorldVistA was established to facilitate open, collaborative improvement and adaptation of the VistA electronic health record, distributing WorldVistA EHR® for the benefit of health systems across the world. In support of this goal, WorldVistA grows and supports an international community of open source developers and VistA adopters by organizing VistA community meetings, online training and participation in discussion forums. WorldVistA strives to guide VistA adopters and programmers towards developing a community based on principles of open, collaborative, peer review software development and dissemination.