About Us

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Driving Continuous Innovation for Our Customers and Community

YottaDB is a new kind of database company, dedicated to using the expertise of its founders to bring you a NoSQL database that serves your entire spectrum of needs.

Open for Innovation

YottaDB was founded in 2017 by K.S. Bhaskar to provide approachable access to the GT.M code base and to expand the application use beyond the narrow focus of the organization behind it. Due to the open source nature of YottaDB, the best and brightest of the NoSQL and GT.M communities are contributing to the ongoing success of the YottaDB database.

When Passion Meets Experience

The team behind YottaDB has decades of experience working with databases, with a specialization in GT.M. K.S. Bhaskar, Narayanan and Steve pride themselves on their database expertise and customer-first business practices, offering a simplified partnership with YottaDB.

Join Our Team

As the company continues to grow, YottaDB is looking for passionate individuals to join its team. YottaDB is located in Malvern, where history meets high tech in this fast-growing Philadelphia Mainline suburb.

Partnerships for Success

With the history of the GT.M code base behind YottaDB, the company offers an ecosystem of providers with value-add services. The ecosystem consists of software, application development and business solution companies that work with YottaDB to better provide full service packages to users.

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