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The YottaDB Team Is Ready to Assist

While the YottaDB software is open source and free to use, the YottaDB team offers support, enhancements, APIs and training to help your business make the most of the database.

Maximize YottaDB with Value-Added Services

YottaDB software is released under a free/open software license, GNU Affero General Public License version 3. You are welcome to use it without paying a penny of license fees, or even informing us that you are using our software. That said, we’re always eager to hear where our software is being used and how, whether or not that use generates revenue for us.

Our business model is based on providing services that add value to the software: support, enhancements, APIs, and training. To discuss your needs for these value-added services, or any others that are not listed here, please contact us at

YottaDB Support

In situations where a product using YottaDB is generating revenue and you need support directly from the development team on commercial terms with assured levels of responsiveness, YottaDB LLC offers support agreements.

Even prior to production use, a support agreement can provide you with timely answers to questions and assistance with issues you may encounter during development and testing of your application, or while porting from GT.M (or other database application development platform) to YottaDB.

Community Support

The YottaDB community is a great resource for simple troubleshooting and application specific questions.

Bespoke APIs and Enhancements

YottaDB offers services to add functional, operational, and performance enhancements that our customers may want in the product. Any enhancements to YottaDB become part of the YottaDB code base that we support and maintain.

We also offer a bespoke API service to bring the database to the application. We will work with you to design an API specific to your application requirements that is both natural to your application and which exploits the strengths of YottaDB.

You also have control over the API. It can become a standard API that we release with YottaDB under its free/open source software license, or you can keep the API for your own proprietary/private use, and have us support and maintain it for you.


We also offer training to enable you to get the most out of YottaDB. The most common training is YottaDB Administration and Operations (including DevOps), and we are also often able to customize training to your specific needs.