Get Started

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Download, Execute and Go!

YottaDB is available free of charge. Install YottaDB on your Linux machine, or use a Docker container, and begin working today!

Install YottaDB using the Install Script

Download the YottaDB installer script in a temporary directory, e.g.:

mkdir /tmp/tmp ; wget -P /tmp/tmp

Make the file executable:

cd /tmp/tmp ; chmod +x

Install YottaDB (typical installation):

sudo ./ --utf8 default --verbose

To list all options:

./ --help

Use a Docker Container

Docker Hub has prebuilt YottaDB images. You must have at least docker 17.05.

Pull the image:

docker pull yottadb/yottadb

The Docker image supports volumes, for persistence and for sharing code and routines between host and container, by mounting a local directory to /data in the container. For example, to use the directory ydb-data as the volume:

docker run -it -v `pwd`/ydb-data:/data yottadb/yottadb

Note: You may need to use “sudo docker” in place of “docker” on some platforms depending on the permissions of the docker socket.

Run YottaDB

For Supported hardware & operating systems, check the Platforms section of the Release Notes for the latest release.