Transactional Systems

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Fast, Secure and Reliable Real-Time Transactions at Scale

YottaDB provides ACID properties, concurrency control and real-time replication in an open source NoSQL platform that has been proven in demanding environments, such as real-time core banking.

Why YottaDB Works for Real-Time Transactions

A real-time transaction processing system is one that records in a database the change in state of an entity as it happens (instead of, for example, capturing changes of state on paper or other means, then processing the data in a “batch” process). A change in the state may be registering a patient at a hospital, recording an empty parking space as occupied, transferring money from one account to another, shipping a widget from a warehouse, etc. Maintaining response times within agreed-to service levels is important.

YottaDB excels as a platform for real-time transaction processing as a consequence of its throughput and scalability, security, logical multi-site application deployment configurations and ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transaction semantics.

Success Story: Government Savings Bank

With 60 million accounts today, Government Savings Bank is one the largest financial institutions in Thailand, and a third of all Thais have an account at GSB. YottaDB’s performance and scalability allows GSB to process all 60 million accounts on a single real-time core system so that all transactions go straight through to the database of record.

YottaDB's In-Memory Engine Delivers Speed, Scale and Security

YottaDB’s throughput and scalability are a direct consequence of its in-memory database engine, in which application and database logic reside within the address space of the same process. Processes cooperate with one another to manage the database, which allows applications to more effectively take advantage of, and achieve, the capability of the underlying hardware.

Security has been a key requirement for decades in healthcare and banking, and the track record of the YottaDB/GT.M code base has been exceptional. With a philosophy that complexity is the enemy of security, the YottaDB security model is simply articulated in a few pages. Features such as encrypted databases are mature and have been in use for years. YottaDB’s daemonless, in-memory database engine is inherently more secure (by eliminating the layer for communication between the application and a daemon) than the more traditional architecture that uses a database daemon.

Success Story: University of Antwerp Library

YottaDB powers the The University of Antwerp Library catalog, which includes 3.7 million copies of 2.4 million titles, and delivers fast response times and reliable access to users around the world.

Why YottaDB for Transactions

Business Continuity

YottaDB’s real-time replication functionality allows the deployment of “logical multi-site” application configurations

ACID Properties

ACID transactions are YottaDB’s strong suit, and give applications a data source they can rely on


With Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC), YottaDB delivers ACID without compromising throughput and scalability

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