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YottaDB r1.30 Released

YottaDB r1.30 is a major release with important new functionality that is required by the Octo 1.0 production release and the production release of the Rust wrapper. While some releases add major new functionality, r1.30 is a major release by the sheer volume of new functionality.

The most important new functionality, required by Octo to distinguish between the empty string ("") and the absence of data (NULL), is the intrinsic special variable, $ZYSQLNULL, which can be used as a local variable subscript or node value.

Other highlights include:

  • The ydbinstall / ydbinstall.sh scripts include --enclugin, --octo, and --posix command line options to install respectively, the encryption plugin, Octo, and the POSIX plugin.
  • The %YDBPROCSTUCKEXEC routine provides a standard action that can be invoked by ydb_procstuckexec.
  • The call to $ZJOBEXAM() allows for specification of the data to dumped. So, for example, the dumping of local variables can be suppressed unless required, as local variables can contain confidential information.
  • yottadb -version provides a detailed report on the YottaDB build.
  • For faster numeric base conversion, $ZCONVERT() converts between decimal and hexadecimal.
  • $ZYHASH() returns the 128-bit MurmurHash3 hash of a string.
  • Simple API functions use nanosecond timers internally.
  • A new implementation of $RANDOM().
  • To facilitate migration to YottaDB from big endian versions of the upstream code base, YottaDB can automatically convert global directories from big to little endian formats. Note that all YottaDB platforms are little endian.
  • CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on x86_64 are Supported platforms with their own binary distributions.

YottadB r1.30 is upward compatible with YottaDB r1.28, as well as with GT.M V6.3-008.

There are significant internal changes to signal handling to make the Go wrapper more friendly to application developers, but access to YottaDB from other languages is unaltered.

As with any YottaDB release, there are numerous other enhancements and fixes, some specific to YottaDB (including fixes to issues discovered in the upstream code base), and others inherited from the upstream GT.M V6.3-008.

Published on August 14, 2020