Machine Learning and AI

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Bring Integrity to Your Intelligent Applications

YottaDB delivers the stability and security that cutting-edge AI and ML applications need with the speed to power real-time predictions with low latency.

YottaDB Delivers a Foundation for Your ML Ecosystem

As a language-agnostic, multi-level, key-value database, YottaDB fits well with leading open source ML and data science libraries like H2O, TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit-learn as well as commercial platforms like DataRobot and Dataiku.

With support for SQL, Go, Perl, Python, Rust and other languages, plus JDBC access, YottaDB is ready for business-critical AI applications.

Scalability for the Data Volume and Velocity of Modern Apps

YottaDB brings together two key features for extreme scalability: a daemon-less architecture and optimistic concurrency control (OCC). This eliminates database locks while maintaining ACID transactionality, so AI apps can access high volumes of high integrity data at high speed.

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