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YottaDB r1.38 Released

K.S. Bhaskar

YottaDB r1.38 is a minor release that includes functionality needed at short notice by a customer.

  • A MUPIP REPLICATE option provides for a replication stream to include updates made by triggers on the source instance.
  • $ZPEEK() and ^%PEEKBYNAME() provide direct access to an additional process-private structure.
  • The -gui option of ydbinstall / installs the YottaDB GUI.
  • Changes to subscripts and more meaningul SQL column names make %YDBJNLF more useful.

The %YDBJNLF utility program, which was released as field-test software in r1.36, is considered Supported for production use in r1.38. Also, the Supported level of Ubuntu on x86_64 moves up from 20.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS.

While all YottDB software is free to use under our free / open-source software licensing, r1.38 illustrates the value of being a YottaDB customer rather than a user: in addition to support with assured service levels, we will work with you to prioritize enhancements and fixes you need.

As with all YottaDB releases, there are a number of fixes and smaller enhancements, as described in the release notes.

We also invite you to try the new YottaDB GUI.

Published on March 30, 2023